James Autery is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in New York.  His current project is a series called “Motion Portraits,” a study in new media as a hybrid between motion and stills.  His previous work has a focus in journalism with an artistic approach.  His subjects have included autistic children in a non-profit program designed to allow them to paint as a group in an uninhibited way as possible while studying how the brain understands prediction, a teenage crust-punk train-hopper that was homeless since the age of 14, the effects on communities in the wake of Superstorm Sandy in New York City, a freight train parts shop machinist in the Mojave Desert, and a Korean-American family living in Missouri.  His work is sensitive to the beauty of humans, and intimately reveals his subjects with sublime and sometimes bizarre approaches.  He seeks to explore the possibilities of photography and video and how we can use them to relate to our own consciousness.


Hudson Opera House
Solo Show:  Selected Works,  2015

Private Exhibition
Solo Show:  With Gentle Wings and a Cohort of Confusion, 2014.

MPLS Photo Center
Group Show:  The Human Condition:  A Survey of Humanity, 2012.

Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe
Group Show:  Arrhythmic Visions, 2012.


That Gallery

Artist a Day

Entityy Magazine


Fototazo Photography + Microgrants

Visual Overdose

Photo contests

Gordon Parks International Photo Competition, 2006:  Finalist